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Tom Berry

Hi, Lynne. So you are still in the US.... I hope you can get back soon. As a friend pointed out to me last week, my move last year was providential so that I can ride it out here vs. the US. I haven’t been that badly inconvenienced, and my walks in the countryside and vineyards surrounding my village have been therapeutic. Macron is organized and has been thoughtful about what the country needs. His television briefings (of which there have been four to date) are reassuring. And this week they announced special aid to families with low income. The concern for people is very impressive. Not having to worry about health care is also very reassuring, The only thing that I am concerned about is that they may ask “citizens of a certain age” to stay confined longer. Hopefully at 69, I will gain my freedom May 11 when confinement is slated to end. I need a haircut! Take care and be well.

sally vegso

I am reading "The Years" by Annie Ernaux. The author and I are the same age and I compare her French experiences with mine. The overlapping of events (before the internet) is incredible even if the names of politicians and products, etc is different. But the "reasonable desires" of "clean work,an indoor workplace, enough to eat, dying in bed" stunned me as I think about all who are still striving for those desires.


Let me recommend Carl Hiaason for some hilarious reading. Sometimes I have laughed til I cried when
reading his books! And don’t we all need a good laugh! Of course you have to like his crazy brand of
humor and I do!!

Jacky Burdett

so happy that you are in better health - take good care of yourselves - plenty of chicken in Cluny - we are having a roast on Sunday - no real problems with shopping - just missing my friends and any social contact - thankfully the garden keeps me busy and the weather is great - love Jacky X

Christine Webb-Curtis

It's so good to read two blogs in a row so quickly. Clearly you are on the mend. I don't believe my comment registered from your last post, but I'm relieved to see your page again. I've spent the last few months reading Sharon Kay Penman's series about the Plantagenet royalty. I've always been fascinated with Elinor of Aquitaine; and these books do not disappoint, starting with When Christ and His Saints Slept. The only problem is that each is a veritable tome. But what better way to spend your days and evening when you are "resting" at home? I, like you, look forward to the days when we can traverse the Atlantic with ease and you can return to your nest in Beaune.

Best to you.


Jo Anne Marquardt

I use a version of your above recipe with salmon and an Asian inspired sauce. Easy and delicious, of course with lots of wine. Your covid story gives me chills and Jeeps me motivated to be super careful. So glad you recovered.

Thea Jarvis

Enjoyed hearing how they're riding things out in France -- and the happy news about your recovery, Lynn! Thinking of you and Peggy and Mickey as I 'sequester' on Poplar. All is well here. xoxox


Wonderful news,dear Lynn,to know that you have fully recovered.Absolutely answered prayers! How you handled your illness is an inspiration for all of us.
I very much enjoyed learning how the French are handling le confinement and all that goes with it.
I especially loved this recipe!! We have not had a real shortage of veggies(thankfully),and this adapts itself so well to what is available.THANK YOU!!
I also got in the habit now of making cream veggie soup with an immersion blender.One recipe from our Serbian roots is called Burek.Half a container cottage cheese,blended with an egg.Brush with olive oil, an Emile Henri dish 5 1/2 by 8 inches.Line bottom with three sheets phyllo dough,overlapping sides and ends..Brush with melted butter.Spoon in cottage cheese/egg mixture.Fold one sheet of overlapped phyllo dough over top.Brush with butter.Spoon on cottage cheese mixture.Fold over another layer of phyllo dough. Brush with butter.Repeat till cottage cheese mixture is used up.Top with final layer of phyllo dough.Brush generously with butter.Bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 10 or so minutes ,till golden brown.Serves one hungry person,or two if accompanied by side salad.

Colleen Taylor

Lynn, I'm so relieved you are still doing well & have recovered. Thank you for sharing the Coq au Vin recipe. I've always been the type of cook that will try new recipes so this will be on my list. I've expanded considerably on my culinary skills during this pandemic but how my challenge is to not let my posterior expand.

I do think I just might bake a loaf of fresh bread to accompany this delicious recipe.X

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