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Oh, it’s all heaven! I didn’t know the words to that long song but, of course had heard the ‘no, no, no’ and then ‘oui, oui, oui’. So I’ve been singing those words all along? Oh, why not!? We’ve been talking to
Our Bisou about flying to France for some time. She doesn’t get it either... hugs, us

Jane Williamson

You might not believe this, but we learned a shortened version of Chevaliers de la Table Ronde at school!
Bonne Annee to all of your readers and stay safe and well.
Can you please spend a moment to think of all the Brits living in France, like us, who, because of Brexit, now have to apply to be resident to continue living legally in their own homes?
This is devastating for so many of us who have European international families and who previously were able to cross borders to work.
Thank you.

Tom Berry

Thank you, Lynn! How kind of you to acknowledge my birthday. It ordinarily gets lost in the excitement of the holidays, to say nothing about it being anticlimactic. Just a bad time of the year!

Happy new year to you! Wishing you continued health and safety during these difficult times.


Christine Webb-Curtis

Fun post, Lynn. This is the only French song I know and learned it on my first trip to Europe in 1966. I wish you and yours a healthy and adventurous 2021. May it be better--what with a change in the presidency and the eventual administration of the vaccine. Stay well and Happy New Year.



Bonjour Lynn
Oui J'adore la chanson des chevaliers de la table ronde. Petite correction : la morale de cette histoire c'est DE boire avant de mourir".
Avez vous chante le "ban bourguignon"?
" la la la la, la la la la l'ère, la la la, la la la, la , la ,la."
On tape des mains pour les trois derniers groupes de la!
Bonne année et bonne santé.


Bonne Annee,dear Lynn,to you,Ron,Vino,family and all!
This post is exactly both a shot in the arm and a hoped for promise for a 2021 filled with health again and! a return to "normalcy"(however that may be interpreted)
In the meantime,let's partake of these heavenly bourbon/cognac(!) balls,raise a glass and burst into song!(we had actually planned to enlist the neighbor to join us for a festive couple of hours doing this--each of us masked, on opposite,appropiately distanced sides of the fence separating our homes,song sheets in hand,and letting 'er rip!The very best of ideas!Alas! a really chilly wind came up and sent us scampering back inside!)
Above all,let's continue to ask God to please bless us all.
And,needless to say,to remember and concentrate on what is really imporatant to us.

Michaela Rodeno

For Jane: Though not a great singer, I taught Chevaliers de la Table Ronde to my French language students at Napa Valley College (1972), who included Jamie Davies (Schramsberg) and Liz Martini (Louis M. Martini Winery). The Marseillaise, too. More fun than phonetics!


Happy New Year Lynn! And Jane, my heart goes out to you and the rest of us Brits who opposed Brexit. Life will indeed be more challenging for so many of us now who either live in France or travel there frequently. A heartbreaking end to a very difficult year. May 2021 bring us all many joys!

Jacky Burdett

Bonne Annee Lynn - hoping for a better 2021 X


Thanks for the tip about what cookies to buy for the bourbon balls here in France.
And oh my that song! - I can remember hearing folks sitting out on the beaches going on and on for hours. Sadly I haven't encountered this singing vitality in the Perigord Vert... Just another to visit you when we are set free.
Happy New Year!


My Writers Group dubbed ourselve the CRT, quite a few years ago. CRT stands for Cherokee Round Table, but I'm thinking this song would be fun for us to sing at a NYE party of the future, ha, so I am forwarding to our "President." As for the Bourbon Balls, I have always been addicted to them, and decided to treat myself this year. I made them double the normal size, so they made only 2 dozen, and they didn't last long. I think you leave them out for a while to give the bourbon a chance to penetrate every crumb. I never thought of using a chocolate wafer. Good idea. Wonder if Trader Joe's Chocolate Mint Stars might not be good. "Mint Julep Bourbon Balls"?

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