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Jane Williamson

I have been knitting socks for my grandchildren in Munich.
Two pairs each, one for the now measurement and another to allow for growth.
I will be making my usual Christmas present for my 94 year old friend in the village.
I have changed it a bit this year as instead of British brawn, Tete de Porc, I am making pressed tongue with a Madeira sauce.

Thea M Jarvis

These photos are uplifting in this season of isolation! Thank you for sharing the windows, doorways, and kitties you've observed on your walks, Lynn. Grateful we can saunter around our island and enjoy the sea each day. You are missed. ❤️


Great photos of this beautiful architectural feature such as the garde corps...or as we would call them: guardrails.
Stay safe!

Debby Woods
girl lost -- Found in France!

Francine Martinie Chough

Bonjour Lynn
Keeping our fingers crossed for Dec 14th!! You get my drift!! We finally arrived to AZ ! Ate I our car or in a hotel room, double masked and did not associate with anyone! South California was a desert! Only trucks on the road and pretty much everything on lockdown except gas stations some hotels and some public restrooms. Amber alerts on our phone to remind us to stay home.
Thanks for the garde corps. Did not know what they were called! Think that most people might have called them something else!
Enjoying your blog tremendously.
There is light at the end of the tunnel!
Stay safe and healthy!
All the best!

Jo Anne (Anne Marie) Marquardt

J'aime les chats!
These are my self-published french memoirs available at Amazon.

My Trip Around the Hexagon: Meandering In France, by Jo Anne Marquardt | Jul 23, 2013
Falling in Love with France, by Jo Anne Marquardt | Feb 8, 2014
Visit France: Rest, Eat, Play, by Jo Anne Marquardt | Jan 10, 2017

Frankl Levin

A year ago we were in Alsace visiting the Christmas markets and having a wonderful time (our second Christmas in Alsace)in spite of being without our luggage for four days and dealing with a train strike which made getting home for Christmas a bit dodgy. Christmas in Hood River, Oregon is dreary and quite frightening this year with the virus out of control and I wish I was in a virus-free Alsace in elbow-to-elbow crowds with hot wine stands and amazing good cheer. Next Christmas if the virus permits we will be back. Our equivalent of your strolls through Beaune will be a night drive about the town and valley to see the lights that people have put up. This year they are better than ever since no one has anything better to do. On our next visit to Beaune, maybe in October (if the virus allows) we will visit that kitchen store. This is the first year in the last twenty-one years that we have not been to France and it hurts.


I love French iron-work! And if I may shamelessly plug the new Etsy store of a school friend and wardrobe supervisor whose livelihood has been upended by COVID: the Vagabond Thimbler ( He just opened and makes ornaments and teddy bears. Bonnes fêtes et meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année à tous!


Lynn,you totally captured my imagination with these gorgeous gardes corps
and les balconettes!Especially enjoyed learning about them!
This isn't even mentioning super super gift ideas.WOW!
And I will absolutely attest to the Cook's Atelier,and their divine(yes,divine!) cookbook,which I am thrilled to own in hardback.
Another book I would recommend,from my heart(and especially this being the Christmas season) is God Calling by AJ Russell.Daily inspiration,and more meaningful than ever during these challenging times.
Happy Holidays and evrry blessing to you,Ron,your family,and(of course!) Vino!

Chris Ellibee


Happy holidays! Thank you for including EuropeanMarket in your newsletter this week. We appreciate you and your support.


I love the garde corps and always notice them when traveling in France, so I really enjoyed your photos. And I’m a cat person, too! My son in Orléans is now a French citizen and we get lots of news from him, in addition to a weekly French class via Zoom. He is a professor there and is teaching from home, of course. Your posts are a bright spot in my day, Lynn. Joyeux Noël à vous et à votre famille.

Colleen Taylor

I've always been madly in love of photos of doorways, windows, iron gates & windows with the fancy French irons. Keeps me wondering what's behind them.
Joyeux Noël Lynn to you & your family.


When we were furnishing our little French studio we found a garde corps at a junk yard and hung it above our bed instead of buying a headboard. It’s perfect!

sandi mohlmann

Miss Lynn!
Merci Beaucoup for the CharlestonInkandArt Etsy endorsement! I must share, however, the story behind
the name. I have always wanted to own a Bookstore/Art Gallery so when Covid struck in early
spring I thought it was the perfect time to start an Etsy store. My sister is a long-time etsy owner and just
loves it. I mentioned my idea to Lynn and wondered aloud what to call it. Within 20 minutes of our conversation
Lynn sent me 8 suggestions: CharlestionInkandArt was one of them! Lynn is a master at naming anything:
their boat, our once-upon-a-time antique booth and our Charleston Poster Business, Garden Gate Press.
So if you need a fab. name for a party, event, book, boat, cottage, business, or pet Call Lynn!
Talk soon dear friend.

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