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Tom Berry

Oui! Vive la France and vive the end of our third lockdown! We wait with baited breath for restaurants to open. At the same time, should the numbers change, I will err on the side of being conservative. Despite the fact I will receive my second vaccine next week, I don't want to take any chances. I'd rather wait and be safe. Take care and hopefully one day our lives will be back to normal. As I've said before, our parents made it through WW II. This pales in comparison to the sacrifice.

Martin Withington

Loved the pictures.

The egg selling vending machine reminds me of being outside a hypermarket in Normandy where there was a very large, very modern, glass fronted machine, with lots of empty bottles on view inside.

You put your euros in the slot and in return got a litre of unpasteurised milk from a local farm.

Wouldn't be allowed here in the UK!

bonnie groves poppe

In the 1950s in the US there were egg vending machines, I remember them (because I'm old). I've been in France now for 12 years and those Frenchy things are very common sights. I have had my vaccinations for quite a while now, and am absolutely ready to sit outside a cafe drinking and eating.
bonnie in provence


LOVE these photos! What a fun post, I enjoyed it very much. How I’d love to visit France again one day.

Gail Wendorf

Loved these....thank you for the smiles and giggles. I'm hoping to return to France this autumn....covid willing.

Jane Williamson

I have just read The Venice Sketchbook and I can thoroughly recommend it as well.

Gwyneth Perrier

Wonderful blog post, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for taking the time to share it all with us.

Christine Webb-Curtis

Fun photos. And all so typical. I have been impressed on recent trips to see the little roadside librairies. My first was in Hauterives near le Château Idéal. And let’s not forget the espadrilles! Thanks, Lynn, as always. La France me manque.


Allison (Ali) HERRON

Wonderful memories! That's what I do love about France. So colorful and always a surprise around the corner...


Lynn, thank you for another wonderful post!
Once again, you have brought just many smiles to our day with these terrific and uplifting pictures!(you are an awesome photographer!!)
(I admit that the French outlook regarding dogs in restaurants is especially close to my heart!! I truly subscribe to "Dog is God spelled backwards!!")
Another book to suggest:The Last Bookshop in London by Madeleine Martin.Totally a page turner!Wow! So many great books available to tempt us!

Francine Martinie Chough


Truly enjoyed your pictures. It is true that French people have less to worry about the Puritan influence that still exist in some parts of the US, so they have less hangups with talking about sex or even sell sexy things at a vide grenier!

Actually I just got some teeshirts from "Forever 21" in the US, that are embroidered with "Oh la la!" and they were made in China!

Been vaccinated for over a month and cannot wait to go back to France. In the Summer, it will be open to tourists and then in the Fall, it will be confinement # 4 or 5 if we are not careful! French people have to travel for the Summer so we will see how this pans out!

Reading David Mc Cullough's "The Spirit of America" Soooo good!

Suzanne Dunaway

What fabulous magnifiques photos!!! LOVE the French and their moments. We are also Italophiles and will take a look at the Venice book. I am also sending my French moment photos after I find them! A great newsletter today, thank you for uplifting moments.
It’s the doggies in bicycle baskets I love...have to find my photos.

susan vieth

Well done my dear!!!


Thank you for the photos! You gave me a moment “plein de nostalgie”. A trip to France this summer seems unlikely but is not completely off the table.

Ellen van Thiel

Great and fun photos! Especially liked the joie de vivre (: It's always fun to look back through time! Best part is we're still making the same toasts together!

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