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susan vieth

Merry Merry Season
Happy New Year! Hold on tight and enjoy wherever you are!!
Here's to french stories told around a joyous table - thank you!
-----are you here?

Suzanne Dunaway

Oh, this is wonderful to know. And The Postmistress of Paris is fantastic. I could not stop reading and often went past midight with this amazing tale. It is based on a real character who must have been someone out of the ordinary, but then all women "postmistresses" , and of course men like Varian Fry, were the backbone of the resistance. I have read so many WWII books. You would like also The Paris Library. Thank you for your great information, We are in Collioure and have been for 15 years and it's hard to watch what the USA is becoming,...

Anthea Dodsworth

What an interesting and charming tale. With the cheat sheet I shall enjoy going through the quotes from your papillottes.

Debbie Ambrous

Lynn, my favorite quote in the story is: "I decided to be happy, it's better for my health." With so much happening that could ruin happiness, that seems to be a good attitude. Thanks again for a lovely story.

Peggy McBride

I may have to borrow this French practice and wrap my homemade giveaway chocolates in colloquial sayings from the south. You know the ones: Gimme some sugar or Bless your heart. Not as romantic as the ones in the beautiful French language but better than the preachy notes we used to find in those frozen pies Mom bought in the ‘60’s!
Your sis, Peggy


Bonne annee Lynn. What a lovely story to share. French friends send us the delicious, beautifully wrapped Revillon candies each year. It's become a tradition which we love. So even now living in Sanary we were treated to them this Christmas. Delightful. Merci beaucoup.

Monique Boissier

Growing up in Southern France in the beautiful Roman city of Nîmes, we always had papillotes for Noël in our shoes dutifully placed under the tree on Xmas eve. Then and there, there were no ‘stockings’, possibly because of the mild winter temperatures. We woul choose our biggest, widest shoes of course. The papillotes contained either chocolates or ‘fondants’ , flavored molded sugar treats. Merci, Lynn, de me rappeler de bons souvenirs!


Thank you,dear Lynn, this is absolutely wonderful!!!
I remember last year's list,and this year is equally memorable!
Although A LOT of work for you to put it together!!
(I print them out and go over them again and again and again!!)
Have been through all these quotes several times and the closest I can come to choosing a favorite is the Proverbe allemand, and Voltaire( always been nuts about him!)
Bonne fetes de fin d'annee!!!
Blessings always to you and your family!

Bonnie Groves Poppe

Thanks, those were fun. I got about half right, and the other half half right, if you see what I mean. Got some of the words but not the correct meaning. I didn't know about these treats, and will look for some.
bonnie in provence

Colleen Taylor

This is sheer delight Lynn! I've never tasted these candies but so much better than a fortune cookie with these sweet little quotes. I absolutely love the story behind the candy as well. X

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